The Salt Apothecary

The SALT Apothecary is the newest addition to Shuswap Float and Wellness and owner Kate Bischke is the Salt Sommelier ready to introduce patrons to all the wonders of Salt for body, belly, and bath.

In the new retail section, Kate dons her lab coat and is ready to create custom bath salts! From creating that custom scent for a special guy or gal, a one-of-a-kind gift, or for the health benefits. Using her knowledge of salt and healing plants, Kate can create something that not only smells wonderful but also has healing properties. There is also a Bath Salt Bar for bulk purchases!
It has been a phenomenal experience sourcing different salt items. You will also find food salts, such as Salt Spring Island Sea Salt Fleur de Sel to Pet bath soaks! Kate has meticulously selected salt-based bath and beauty products for children, men, women, and animals. In addition, Kate is thrilled to carry Up the Hill at Loakin, local Indigenous herbal products.
And of course, there are still all the healing salt modalities such as the Halocabin and Float Pod.

Come share in the #saltlove and visit Selmelier Kate!