About Floating

A float pod contains 11 inches of body-temperature water (filtered after every usage). In the water, there are over 900 lbs of medical-grade Epsom salts to ensure that anyone can float.

The reason that a float pod is sometimes called a sensory deprivation chamber is that it can be entirely light-proof (completely dark) and sound-proof.

You simply put in earplugs (we supply / or bring your own), slowly enter the pod, lie on your back, and relax. You will feel entirely weightless and free. You have the option of soothing sounds to begin and end your float.

Entering a float pod (with most sessions being 60-90 minutes) can significantly minimize this stress, yielding numerous benefits.

The private float room includes towels and toiletries, as well as a warm shower for before and after floating.

Floating is most often used as a method for relaxation and boost creativity. It can allow one to engage in a deep meditative state, regardless of meditation experience.

Especially in today’s day and age, we are exposed to countless stimuli, which can leave our bodies in a state of stress, causing numerous health problems.

Those who regularly utilize flotation therapy in their wellness programs report an array of positive long-term and short-term benefits. 

Some of the most common of benefits include:

  • Intense Relaxation
  • Ease Arthritis
  • Detoxify the system
  • Release Endorphins
  • Increase creativity and imagination
  • Increase circulation and energy levels
  • Regulate sleeping patterns – simulates 4 hours of sleep
  • Relieve stress

Floating is becoming an increasingly popular practice in society, including for many celebrities and top athletes, such as Joe Rogan and Steph Curry.

Athletes have found that using float-therapy in conjunction with their training program has improved their athletic performance. Every muscle is able to fully rest and recover after being pushed to the limit. Floating can help improve performance, aid in preventing sports injuries, and shorten recovery time.

What normally takes a long period of time (usually days for recovery from a marathon) the flotation tank compresses into a number of hours. By relieving the stresses of gravity, floating takes the weight off strained bones, joints, and muscles and increases the efficiency of the blood circulating through the body. Improves athletic performance and helps prevent sports injuries, speeds healing process.