Shuswap Wellness Membership $100/ yr, and 25% off all floats.

Floatation Therapy

Lie back and float your cares away in warm, still, quiet waters.

Floatation therapy is a zero-gravity environment that allows the mind and body to completely let go, relax, and reset. Using over 900 pounds of Epsom Salts, the buoyancy of the water makes floating on water feel like floating on air. By eliminating the forces of gravity pulling on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, you can effortlessly relieve pain, relax, recover, and improve sleep in this unique state.

60 min $65 / 90 min $80



Also known as a “Salt Cabin”. Treat breathing and skin issues naturally with the goodness of pharmaceutical grade salt!

Salt therapy or “Halotherapy”, remarkable in its simplicity, is not a new phenomenon. Originating in Poland more than 150 years ago in natural salt caves and mines, the concept of breathing in microscopic salt particles to treat the symptoms of lung and respiratory conditions, has proven itself as a 100% natural, drug free non-invasive healing treatment. Exposing the skin to salt therapy in our private salt cabin has also been proven effective for many skin related conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Salt therapy is safe for adults and children from 4 months and up. Clinical studies and research has shown a 90% success rate in treating children and approximately 70% for adults.

30 min $35 / 45 min $45



Multi-frequency harmonic vibrations for complete mental and physical synchronization.

During a NeuroSpa session, the music will captivate your mind’s attention from the start while the multi-frequency harmonic vibrations directly communicate with your central nervous system by way of the spinal column. Tensions caused by accumulated stress will gradually be released, reducing its adverse effects. The influence of this multi-frequency intra-corporeal music reaches muscles, organs, glands, and the brain, helping in relieving unwanted stress. NeuroSpa restores the body to a state of complete mental and physical harmony in just 30 minutes. The relaxation felt after a single session is profound, and it is also an ideal complement to Massage Therapy, a Float session.

30 min $40

Our Sampler Pkg includes 1 x 60-minute float, one 30 minute halotherapy, and one 30 minute neurospa








Flotation Therapy is a luxurious way to soothe and heal the body from the constant stress of life’s daily pressure you can leave the noise and confusion behind and perhaps, for the first time in your life, experience total relaxation and deep healing in your private, peaceful space.

Rebalance - 6 Week Program

Every week you will have a 60-minute Float combined with a 30-minute Neurospa


Value 570 – Save $105

Restore - 6 Week Program

Weekly 90-minute float and your choice of a weekly 30 minute Neurospa or Halotherapy session.


Value $750 – Save $105

Wellness Membership - 1 Year Program

A Yearly program. Unlimited 60-minute floats at 25% off. 




Relaxation Massage
60 min $90

Aromatic Massage
90 min $120



45 – 90 min $90


Eldercare Massage

Chair Massage 30 min $40


Access Consciousness Bars

60 min $100

Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy (RLT)

15 min $20

Tuning Fork Therapy

Tuning Fork Therapy

60 min $60


Amethyst Biomat

35 min $40
60 min $60


Feng Shui



45 – 90 min $90


Clinical Hypnotherapy

45 – 90 min $90

couples counselling

Couples Coaching