About Us

Shuswap Float & Wellness was established in 2018.
We are home of the Shuswap’s only Float Pod.

We are a holistic wellness centre, located downtown Salmon Arm, at 140 Hudson Ave NE.

We specialize in the facilitation of de-stressing & relaxing your body, so that you come back to yourself with your own calm energy. 

Meet the Practitioners at Shuswap Float & Wellness

My name is Kate Bischke, and I am the owner operator of Shuswap Float and Wellness, and the SALT Apothecary. I am an accomplished holistic facilitator, and enjoy using various types of treatment sessions to help people find their calm energy in the midst of life’s chaos. I’m definitely guilty of being straightforward, speaking my mind regardless of the company I’m in, I’m thoughtful and curious about the universe and I am always actively searching for new and holistic methods and people to add to the benefits we- including our Wonderful in-house, practitioners -already offer the community. I am proud to say the Salmon Arm area has been part of my family’s life since the early 1900s.
Texas Peck. Practitioner

Texas Peck. Practitioner

I have been interested in alternative healing modalities since my early teens.  My mother was always looking for different ways to keep us all healthy and, throughout my life, I experienced first-hand how effective many of those treatments were.
Reflexology is something I just grew up doing – it was natural for me.  Energy work was the same and Reiki has allowed me to focus that work. 
I love to help folks so Zentai Wholeness is simply an extension of my life-long journey

Alex Wilcott, Hypnotist

Zenergy Hypnotherapy

I live on the shores of beautiful Shuswap Lake in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada. Preparing food, cooking for, and entertaining friends is a joy to me, it is a time when I can let my creativity flow and can share that joy with those that matter the most to me. I also make sure to have plenty of time available to be alone, to balance it all out, to work on projects, or to just enjoy some peace and quiet and allow my mind to rest. I have been very fortunate to be able to travel so much in my life. India, Egypt and Italy are tops on my radar for future travels. I practice Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Yoga regularly. In the winter I love to get out on my snowboard, and ice skate and play hockey. In the summer I like to spend time on my SUP, as well as hiking and camping in this amazing province I am so blessed to live in! ~ Namaste

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Vicki McKinnon

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy & Reflexology

Available at Shuswap Float by appointment only.


  • I had the most wonderful experience. I got to see all the other services available then got to have my float. Its an unexplainable experience. One thing I will say is I was 100% pain-free in there and when I got out for a couple of hours. I felt completely renewed and vibrant.

    Carrie, Salmon Arm
  • My first float was awesome! I highly recommend it for anyone with stress or anxiety. So relaxing and restorative. I didn’t realize how much tension I was carrying until I finally gave into the power of floating ????

    Spencer, Salmon Arm
  • I had the most amazing float! if you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend ????

    Rochelle, Salmon Arm
  • Closest I’ll ever get to knowing what space travel feels like! Beautiful weightless free-floating. So relaxing! A great way to unplug from the world.

    Laurie, Salmon Arm
  • Kate’s service is amazing. The Neurospa was relaxing and de-escalating.
    The float tank is a game-changer. Ultimate relaxation brain turns off. Fell asleep at least 4 times in the hour. I’ll be doing this again very soon.

    Jackie, Salmon Arm